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Online audio focus groups are as lively and rich as face-to-face



Every project we do involves careful assessment of the brief and a lot of thought about what methodologies to use.  We use all the 'conventional' methods of face-to-face research - focus groups, depth interviews, accompanied shops, in-home observation - and where appropriate make full use of our Online Audio facility which offers many benefits.


The online audio methodology has been endorsed by the International Journal of Market Research (May 2009) which examined audio online focus groups and nominated them as more effective than face-to-face focus groups.

The study showed that the online audio method is proven to:

  • generate more information than face-to-face focus groups
  • generate higher quality information given the same time frame
  • enable more interaction with group members
  • result in participants being more satisifed with the discussions and enjoying the research process more.

"Mindspace provided an excellent and professional service for our brand research exercise. The online groups were just as effective as the standard types of focus group, and I was surprised at both how quickly they were organised and how soon we were able to start making use of the research and findings. I would recommend using Mindspace to anyone thinking of conducting research for their business."

(Travel Sector client)


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Pre-testing direct mail

Airmiles mailer

We have worked with Airmiles to test and develop a number of direct mail campaigns, looking in particular at customer segmentation priorities.  Online focus groups have been used to test new concepts and designs, with respondents being shown a range of visual layouts online which were evolved as the thinking developed.



New Product Naming
(The Macallan)

Edrington Group whisky

Qualitative research was carried out with UK and US whisky drinkers, helping to develop a name for a new range of duty free whiskies. Working online from the UK, we were up at midnight chatting to New Yorkers as they came home from work at 7pm EST.



Developing a brochure
(Quality Meat Scotland)

QMS leaflet

Research was carried out with women who bought meat in order to ask their opinon about the design of a proposed new leaflet. Regional attitudes were important, so using online audio we were able to include respondents across a wide geographical area (including the Outer Hebrides) at no extra cost.



Website assessment
(Princes Trust)

Princes Trust website

Online research was used to assess opinions of a major UK charity's website amongst people who were very involved and not so involved in the charity's activities. Via the system, respondents were able to remotely use and comment on the website, allowing the moderator to observe and discuss with them where the site needed improvement.



Advertising development
Digital UK/i-design

Advertising development

During the roll-out of the switchover to digital tv, an ad campaign ran on ATM machines.  We did online groups to to explore awareness and understanding of the switchover, and used the pc screen as a virtual atm screen to show people how the ads would look when they used the cash machine.



Staff Intranet
Major Bank

Staff Intranet

The bank wished to test some of its intranet content with staff members around the world.  Using online audio we linkedup an international sample of staff to discuss their views and requirements of the site and reviewed in detail how information was presented.



Case Study
Highland Spring

Highland Spring

Research was carried out to look at a new brand route using a lot of visual stimulus and interactive concept development exercises. There were no costs involved in producing these materials in hard copy which were shown to a nationwide sample of trade and consumer buyers.





Case Study
Forestry Commission

Forestry Commission

Environmental targets are a high priority issue for the Government and the Forestry Commission needed to engage with farmers and landowners regarding their activity and intention to plant trees.  Farmers by definition tend to live in remote areas, so using Online Audio we were able to bring them together for these discussions in a highly cost effective and time efficient way.





Case Study
British Red Cross

British Red Cross

The Red Cross produces an online resource for teachers to use in their PSE lessons.  Online was an obvious choice of methodology for assessing the value and usability of this product, as teachers were able to view it on their own screens while talking about it with others.  The product benefitted hugely from being viewed live and we achieved real depth insight from the feedback.







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