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Bring online research to life

Our Online Audio approach combines the benefits of
face-to-face, phone and online interview methods and
brings a new dimension to qualitative research.



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Qualitative market research agency Mindspace provides in-depth customer insight using Online Audio focus groups and depth interviews.


Respondents take part in the research from their own homes via a pc link to the moderator’s screen and at the same time talk together on the phone. The moderator uses the screen to show concepts, visuals, websites or whatever materials are required, and guides the conversation just as you would in a face-to-face group.


It's highly effective, flexible and convenient and a major addition to our repertoire of qualitative research methodologies.

                   what we do online:

  • testing websites and online communications
  • developing new business and marketing ideas
  • new product development
  • naming and logo design
  • brand communication
  • corporate 'health checks'
  • testing advertising, direct mail and promotional materials
  • virtual accompanied shops
  • customer panels
  • staff satisfaction
  • questionnaire design and piloting
  • and more...


         forward thinking businesses use online


         private and public sector          UK and international         any market or demographic



online audio focus groups - close focus in market research [click for more]

Audio online focus groups were developed by Clare Wade of Mindspace in response to her observations of the apparent limitations of text-based online focus groups. Qualitative research succeeds best where a relationship can be built between the research group moderator and the focus group respondent.


Therefore being able to have a live conversation seemed to be a very important part of the research interview process, rather than relying solely on typing on the screen.

The Mindspace team set up back-end software to run in conjuction with a web-conferencing facility, so that the market research focus groups could be as involving and as live as face-to-face research groups.


During an online marketing research session the researcher can show any number of different screens in different formats to the qualitative research respondents, allowing them to focus in very closely and visually on what is being discussed.

The focus group interviews are av recorded so they are transcribed while watching the screen action. A Mindspace moderator will transcribe their own online focus groups so they are very in touch with the feedback and research findings.


The focus group research debrief is highly visual as it uses example screens from the online focus group session.


Audio online focus groups ensure that nothing is compromised by doing the qualitative research online.

online audio focus groups - bring online research to life